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Be Different

Be Together

A Retreat Uniquely Created for Neurodiverse Couples

If you are in a neurodiverse relationship, and you need a lot of help,

you're in the right place.

Image by Candice Picard

Personalized for You

These are private couples therapy sessions,
not small group retreats.

Everything is customized with the two of YOU in mind.

Jumpstart Your Relationship

Our retreat can jumpstart a relationship in a

way that weekly therapy sessions can not.
Of course, we also provide ongoing weekly support after the retreat, so you don't lose momentum.

Holding Hands
Image by Etienne Girardet

Our Team 

We are Neurodiverse Couples experts, trained in neurodiversity and passionate about creating a life-changing retreat experience for you.

Offering Virtual & In-person Retreats

VIRTUAL: Join the retreat virtually from the comfort of your home.

IN-PERSON: Or fly to Pacific Grove, California, for a true retreat getaway.

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